Helping Disadvantaged Businesses Thrive

Growing together towards your legacy

Your Challenges Are Unique

Disadvantaged business owners face a unique set of
challenges, such as a lack of access to capital, educational resources, and networks. 

And sometimes, “I can do everything myself” syndrome.

Photo of the outside of a large building used for businesses in Commerce, California.

We'll Help You Overcome Them

We’ve been there, done that. We are a minority and woman-owned small business that’s broken plenty of glass ceilings.

Who better to help your company grow than a partner who truly understands you?

Let's Grow Together Today

We have over 25 years of experience in business development and entrepreneurship.

That means we can help you get the certifications, connections, strategic plans, and technology you need to grow your company.

AP Business Design Solution's Andrea, Chief Executive Officer, and Julianna, Outreach Representative, going over a strategic marketing plan.

Meet The Minorea Team


Chief Executive Officer
As a Latina, Andrea truly understands the struggles of minority businesses. Leveraging over a decade of experience in business, she is a master at helping small businesses grow. Andrea is bilingual and sits on the board of SAME and LBA, and mentors in the Santa Fe Spring Chamber.


Arturo loves to learn, think critically, and use technology to make his life easier. He helps the Minorea team with high-level strategy, operations, and digital services.


Strategic Marketing Specialist
Mauricio is a friendly and cheerful creative with the capacity to be strategic. Much like an athlete, he is competitive. He is a business administrator that loves the technology world, his dog, and his bicycle. If you want statistics, numbers, and indicators, Mauricio is your man.


Administration & Research Analyst
Melody is the youngest member of the Minorea team. Her bubbly and happy-go-lucky personality means she is always laughing and excited to pick up new skills.


Quality Control Specialist
Lucia is an analytical and structured planner. Her training in psychology and administration makes her focused, recursive, and resourceful. She loves planning events and proposing new and better ways of working. Tireless with admirable passion for doing things well, she is also a loyal friend like no other that always provides good advice.

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