Unaffordable executions to meaningful advice

When we started our consulting services, we saw companies that wanted to execute the advice we provided but many small businesses just couldn’t afford these fees.  That was a problem that interfered with our mission.

Now we offer Outreach services to large organizations, private, public, federal and non-profits that align with our purpose of diversity inclusion. 

Our goal is to partner up, learn and assist these organizations in any type of outreach initiative they are planning execute, whether if it is for specific project or fulfillment.

In partnering up and providing our Outreach services, we have been able to help many companies, sometimes for free to get prepared and build capacity to do business with these organizations.

Our niche is the construction industry, many businesses face challenges, but the construction industry takes challenging to another level, it’s a different monster when it comes to just about anything. 

Marketing, business development, learning about bonding, prevailing wage standards, insurance claims, safety requirements, assessing bidding opportunities.  All of this is extra considerations contractors need to look out for.  

These are exactly the things we need to educate before these contractors work themselves out of business.   That is where we want to come in and help, we want to grow with them.  See them run and even fly!   


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