Aligned with that mission, we at MINOREA have taken it upon ourselves to cultivate and build relationships with government entities, non-profits, and large corporations; promoting initiatives that help communities, businesses, and minority populations. This is how our outreach program was born, as we identify initiatives that align with our mission, learn from it, and create a streamlined approach to maximize the value and the outreach success of this initiative/program.  Minorea has been pro-active in establishing its own educational programs as we understand how important it is for any entrepreneur to be properly educated in smart and essential business practices.

Emerging education monthly webinars promoted by large organizations that support our efforts such as METRO, LACCD, Caltrans, and The Bluebook.  This program established in 2019 and focuses in supporting businesses in English and Spanish.  Our Youtube library includes all the webinars covered since our conception along with mini clips educating on a variety of topics from construction industry related subjects to  basic business practices such as DIY certifications, understanding RFP’s, understanding prevailing wage projects, developing a strategic marketing plan, maximizing Microsoft tools like Excel, preparing and understanding tax returns and financials among other important business topics.

Another program we have established is LGR&D Program (Loan, Grant, Research, and Development) – This driver consists of identifying loans, grants, or subsidized programs that will allow business owners overcome the cashflow or access to capital challenges they face.  These programs, applications, initiatives, and its funding methods consist in forms of processing an application directly with the funder, processing an application through a third-party entity or financial institution.  Some are indirect funding sources such Tax credits like the ERC, action driven funding such as providing refunds or financial support if you employ through local workforce development centers, after completing an educational course, or after taking action steps. 

Many small business owners have benefitted from this program and we are proud to help fund millions of dollars to businesses that statistically are groups that take least advantage of funding opportunities.

Our mission is to empower disadvantaged businesses